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the edge

↘︎ evaluation and learning

Learning and improving require an open mind, a theory of what you seek to achieve, and an understanding of how change happens. We can help with the latter two. Our approach to evaluation design and impact assessment is creative, collaborative, and firmly grounded in the potential for organisational learning and policy development.

↘︎ research and insight

Yes, we love deep dives, indicator frameworks, and creative approaches to data collection. But what we love even more is to tell and visualise the stories and patterns behind the research and the data.

↘︎ sustainability and strategy

Do you want to get better at playing the game or do you want to change the rules of the game? Either way, we can support you to get your ducks in a row, build organisational resilience, or push the impact envelope a little. Or a lot. The world needs it.

↘︎ American Voices ↘︎ Arts Equator ↘︎ British Council ↘︎ Cambodian Living Arts ↘︎ Circostrada ↘︎ City of Leisnig ↘︎ Creative Industries of Cambodia Association for Development and Advocacy (CICADA) ↘︎ EL Specialists ↘︎ Living Arts International ↘︎ Malawi National Commission for UNESCO ↘︎ Ministry of Culture and Fine Arts of Cambodia ↘︎ NalandaWay Foundation ↘︎ Rei Foundation

the story

↘︎ purpose and curiosity

Arts, culture and creative industries are rarely seen as integral to sustainable development and often under-utilised by actors in development cooperation. In fact, we often fail to articulate the multiple impact potentials of arts and culture on our societies, environments, and economies.

edge and story is fundamentally about the power of culture and its potential to generate impact for a better future of our shared planet, way beyond the notion of just beauty. It is our wish to change harmful systems by collecting data, providing insights, and facilitating learning. This can be done in a project, on a policy level, or by looking at whole systems.

Our approach is rooted in curiosity – always learning and experimenting, not afraid to fail. We believe in the journey and the process because growth happens in the cracks. Form follows function and we take time to explore the right approach that fits each individual context, not resort to a standard method.

We believe that the power of culture can generate impact for a better future and we are a dedicated member of a community unlocking it.

↘︎ Aotearoa ↘︎ Bangladesh ↘︎ Cambodia ↘︎ France ↘︎ Georgia ↘︎ Germany ↘︎ India ↘︎ Indonesia ↘︎ Kenya ↘︎ Lithuania ↘︎ Malawi ↘︎ Maldives ↘︎ Nigeria ↘︎ Singapore ↘︎ Tonga ↘︎ UK ↘︎ USA


↘︎ edge and story

Founded in October 2021 through Estonia's e-residency scheme, edge and story is a globally operating business that sits somewhere between consultancy and advocacy.

Company address, registration details, and VAT number are available here.

↘︎ kai brennert

a portrait photograph of Kai Brennert wearing a white t-shirt and black trousers

Born and raised in Berlin. Shaped in Darwin, Hat Yai, Görlitz, Sulaimani, Erbil, Coventry, and Tāmaki Makaurau / Auckland. Now calling Phnom Penh home.

Kai has worked in more than 20 countries across four continents on policy, evaluation, research, and strategy in the cultural and creative industries, development cooperation, philanthropy, and international cultural relations. Kai is an Arts for Good Fellow of the Singapore International Foundation, has completed the EU's Global Cultural Relations Programme, and is currently a Young Expert for Fair Culture of the German Commission for UNESCO.

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↘︎ curious patterns

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